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We get frequent requests for Beyond links to other webs. Beyond has a Page Rank of 7, but we're mainly recognized for having an enormous amount of high-quality content about Provence and the South of France

Here are the basic Guidelines for being Linkable from Beyond:

  • You already have a link to Beyond. This of course assumes that Beyond is of sufficient interest to your readers.
  • Your web is potentially interesting to our Beyond readers.
  • Your web is not for booking hotels. (This conflicts with our own hotel reservations service.)
  • You web is appropriate for family viewing.
  • Your web does not have excessive ads, pop-up windows, or so much Flash that it hangs-up some browsers.
  • OK? Just send us an email with your web's URL (web address) and a brief note about you and your web.
A common way to link to us is ProvenceBeyond - a great source for information on Provence and the French Riviera, linked to "www.beyond.fr". People linking to us usually use a comment that reflects their view of our site. If you would like to use our logo or banner, just drag it off of our homepage, or ask and we'll send you something.

A nice-to-have for us would be for you to put on a Beyond Logo or a Beyond Banner. In case you like that idea, we've supplied some here of various sizes:

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We do a quick review of requesting webs.

Not all of our links conform to our own policy. Many of them have been linked for years now, before we had developed a policy. There are always a few exceptions as well. For example, it helps our readers to have a link to the French TGV web, and not very likely they'll link to us (even though they should).

ProvenceBeyond is not responsible for the content of the webs in our Other Links section. However we do our best to link to webs we believe will be of interest to our readers. Nonetheless, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information, nor the quality of commercial products and services offered by external webs.

Russ - ProvenceBeyond