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Carpentras Candies Photo Gallery

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy077b.jpg

    1/6. Le Craquelin de Carpentras, candies of Carpentras

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy078b.jpg

    2/6. Carpentras candy, with lavender chocolate at the right

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy079b.jpg

    3/6. Cheese-Bread style candy spread, candies of Carpentras

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy080b.jpg

    4/6. A candy garden basket at the Candies of Carpentras

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy083b.jpg

    5/6. Candy olives and amhora from Carpentras Candy

  •  Carpentras Candies photo carpentras-candy082b.jpg

    6/6. Candy version of Truffes au Grand Marnier

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