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Andon Chez-Nous Photo Gallery

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0005b.jpg

    1/6. The Chez Nous dining room - Small, bright and friendly. Outdoor tables in front, on the main village square.

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0006b.jpg

    2/6. Quiche au chevre - A light, goat-cheese quiche at Chez Nous. The salad is mesclun (mixed types of lettuce). The texture of the quiche was exquisite. The quiche was topped with a rondelle of goat cheese and basilic leaves.

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0008b.jpg

    3/6. Saumon au gros sel - Marinated salmon with rock-salt and pepper-grains. The side is steamed potatoes with olive oil and fresh onions.

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0010b.jpg

    4/6. Poulet au Citron - The chicken is wrapped around a delicious stuffing of squash and herbs. Note the squash-flowers, which were stuffed and steamed, and the pommes-de-terre dauphinoises (scalloped potatoes).

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0011b.jpg

    5/6. Lapin au basilic - Rabbit with basil sauce, accompanied with squash-flowers stuffed with squash and herbs, and pommes-de-terre dauphinoises (scalloped potatoes).

  •  Andon Chez-Nous photo andon-dining0013b.jpg

    6/6. Fromage au chevre - Local goat cheese sprinkled with herbes de provence, served with home-made confiture de tomate (tomato jam)

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