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Llamas? In Beyond ? OK, they're not native to southern France, but you can see them, and outside of zoos as well. (This is a genuine Beyond photo, taken on a rare cloudy day in the Vaucluse.)

At one place at least in Beyond, in the forested hills of Mont Ventoux (Vaucluse), llamas are being raised on a farm between Bédoin and Malaucène.


90-130 cm high; 120 cm long; 140 kg


The Andes mountains of Bolivia and Peru, where they have been used as beasts of burden and for thier wool for over 4000 years. The llama is a domesticated version of the Guanaco (Lama guanicoe).


The long wool is used for blankets and clothing, often died in bright colors. The skin can also be tanned for leather.