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photo buzzard

Buzzards have short necks, broad wings and fairly short tails. They're shaped very much like eagles, but are somewhat smaller and have shorter necks. Look for bars on the underwing and tail.

Buzzard (Variable)

Pernis apivorus   –   Bondrée apivore

This buzzard is common throughout Europe and seen often in Provence and the South of France. It's difficult to distinguish from an eagle simply by the shape.


The plumage varies from pale to dark browns; undersides of wing and tail are often pale, with dark patches at the leading edge of the wings and a bar across the end of the tail.

Honey Buzzards have a much paler underside.


Prefers forested hills and wooded areas; more open country in the winter.

Honey Buzzard

Pernis apivorus   –   Bondrée apivore

Summers in this region.


Prefers deciduous forests.


Loves honey; robs bees' and wasps' nests.