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The structure of the thousands of original photographs for the Villages of Provence and the South of France has changed.
To locate a photo for a specific village or site in ProvenceBeyond:

    1 - Select the page for the village or site,
    2 - Click on the photo at the top-left of the page, or click on "Gallery of X photos for this village.
You will get a single Photo-Gallery page with all the photos for that village or site.

    - each image has left-right arrow symbols for browsing (often hard to see).
    - on a computer you can browse these photos with the keyboard's left-right arrow keys.
    - on a tablet or smartphone you can browse these photos by swiping left or right.

Search for a village or site photo in ProvenceBeyond:

    1 - Type the name of the village or site in the Search box (top-right of this page) and click the Search button.
    2 - on the Search Results page, click the [Image] tab (instead of the [Web] tab.